From Barcelona to You

We broadcast our Barcelona lifestyle and soul worldwide with cosmetics taking care of all women’s bodies worldwide.

We draw our inspiration from our beloved Barcelona City and from it’s girly citizen, who are able to effortlessly combine an urban, sporty healthy and beachy lifestyle. But who are these Barcelona’s girls ?

You’ll be surprise : you’re part of it !


Barcelona is one of the world’s best appreciated cities to live due to its colors, art life, infrastructures, climate, beach life and wide range of cultural and leisure offers. Ton’s of girls worldwide have chosen Barcelona as their perfect place to live and the city is more than never cosmopolite paradise. Barcelona girls are different, colored, from everywhere in the world, and the successful symbol of cosmopolitan aesthetic we want to honor.


In Barcelona, girls and women’s lives balance between work or student life, beach moments and festivities… Most of the time in the same day ! Their beauty habits fits theirs hyper active needs. They are skin care before make up, they fancy natural looks and most of all, they are fond of natural Ingredients.


Mediterranean climate, green spaces, long sporting tradition and locally produced food Barcelona’s girls and women have definitely and healthy lifestyle.