Our treasures

Our passion for beauty and Argan Oil led us to Argan Stem Cells, one of the most scientifically-advanced natural ingredients. Argan Stem Cells boost the skin’s natural ability to protect, repair and rejuvenate itself and are your best ally in maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin. These miracles of nature are featured in the majority of our products along with Argan Oil. Our constant innovation guarantees you a complete line of cosmetics that compliment your body’s natural processes and help reveal your natural beauty each and every day of your life.

Innovative cosmetics: Argan Stem Cells

As we age, the dermal stem cells, which are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, start to slow down. Collagen and elastin are essential for maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity, and without them fine lines and wrinkles become more visible. At Belle Azul, we have incorporated Argan stem cells into a number of our formulas, boosting the skin’s ability to protect, rejuvenate and stimulate its natural self-repairing process while increasing firmness and slowing down the development of new lines.

Organic Argan Oil – Ecocert certification

Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan Oil penetrates deep into the dermis to replenish it with moisture while healing imperfections and protecting skin from external aggressions. As a natural antioxidant, it also helps fight against skin aging and helps skin recover its firmness. We produce our own Organic Argan Oil in Morocco.