Vibra Cellulite Eraser

Vibra Cellulite Eraser


Tone your body!

The perfect duo to effectively fight cellulite: a gel concentrated in powerful active ingredients such as caffeine and cacao extract as well as an innovative massaging applicator with micro-vibrations.

Rich in natural active ingredients such as caffeine, cacao and seaweed extract, its formula promotes the breakdown of unwanted fat cells.

Improvements in blood circulation and tones affected parts with its unique built-in vibrating Vibra Sculpt applicator.

For its non-greasy, light weight gel.

Cacao Extract: Famous for its antioxidant and slimming properties, Cocoa is especially effective to fight cellulite. Also it contains Theobromine, a molecule similar to Caffeine, that boosts the hydrolysis and encourage fats cells destruction. By stimulating Collagen production, Cacao also tones and firms the skin.

Caffeine extract: Mainly used in topic applications because of its great affinity with dermal cells and great absorption, Caffeine extract penetrates deeply into the skin layers in order to stimulate hydrolysis and the breakdown of fat cells.

Organic Argan Oil – ECOCERT Certified: Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Argan Oil penetrates deep into the dermis to replenish moisture while healing imperfections and protecting skin from external aggressions. As a natural antioxidant, it also helps fight against premature skin aging and helps skin recover firmness.

Apply twice daily to clean, dry skin. Remove the cover and press button to activate massager. Gently squeeze tube to release gel and apply on skin targeting areas of concern (thighs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach and waist) in circular motions. Massage until completely absorbed.

Organic Argan Oil certified by ECOCERT
Parabens and Phthalates free
Not tested on animals



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