Dual Facial Cleanser

Dual Facial Cleanser


Reinventing your facial cleansing routine!

Dual Facial Cleanser is an integrated cleaning solution to efficiently remove of all traces of makeup, impurities or excess oils without dehydrating or irritating the skin. The soft silicone brush targets all areas of the face including hard to reach areas, gently removing dead skin cells while delivering a pleasant stimulating massage.

Gentle enough for daily use, the Dual Facial Cleanser leaves no oily residue making it perfect for all skin types

Gently exfoliates and massages skin to increase circulation, eliminate dead cells and other dulling surface debris for improved skin texture and appearance. Unclogs pores and reduces the appearance of spots and blackheads

Easy to use and reaches all the zones of the face

Organic Argan Oil – ECOCERT Certified: Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan Oil penetrates deep into the dermis to replenish moisture while healing imperfections and protecting skin from external aggressions. As a natural antioxidant, it also helps fight against premature skin aging and helps skin recover firmness

Cucumber Extracts: Rich in Vitamins, Trace Elements and Minerals, cucumber is an excellent moisturizer and actively participates in dermal renewal. It also unclogs pores and reduces excess oil

Argan Stem Cells: Interact directly with dermal cells, they are able to stimulate the skin’s natural self-repairing process and its ability to protect itself for increased firmness and slowing down the apparition of lines

Twist nozzle open and gently squeeze tube to release a small amount of gel

Twist again to securely close.
Apply gel to wet skin and use the silicone brush to gently massage gel into skin in small circular motions

Use warm water to rinse your face making sure to wash away all traces of the gel

Organic Argan Oil certified by ECOCERT
Parabens and Phthalates free
Not tested on animals



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